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Quality Assurance

SNN’S engineering division ensures that every project meets with our stringent quality guidelines; from structural stability to awarding contracts to our sub contractors, selection of sites, architects, consultants and various vendor partners for materials used. Moreover, we ensure that our structural designs meet the quality guidelines set forth by the prevailing norms of various government agencies in Bengaluru.

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The process followed at SNN involves:

  • Selection of site and soil investigation

  • Structural design and execution

  • Quality assurance and quality control

  • Project completion report and occupancy certificate

  • Preparation of a checklist of activities and duly approved by SNN’s quality control team.

  • Material testing and procurement plan.

  • QA/QC observation and surveillance at the site.

  • Ensuring regular calibration of testing equipment and validation of contractor equipment.

  • Laboratory test of concrete and other building material for quality control.

  • Periodical internal audits.

  • Daily visit by senior management to ensure overall quality adherence.

We tell you how SNN Estates are more unique

Our Strength

One of our key advantages lies in our highly skilled in-house engineering team. With over 250 well trained and talented personnel to lead and oversee the engineering and technical operations, completion of projects is entrusted to the Engineering team, who in turn, ensure that we provide quality dwelling spaces. On the other hand, having an in-house Engineering team gives us the distinct edge in being able to immediately rectify any issues that a homeowner may face post the handover of the apartment.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

We prepare a project specific quality control plans and follow them strictly to ensure that the quality of work executed by the sub contractors are met 100%. This is ensured by SNN’s project management team comprising experienced and qualified engineers.

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