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Under Construction


It has always been our staunch belief that emphasis on quality and timely delivery of the projects are two most critical aspects of the construction business. This belief has been integral to SNN’s spectacular growth over the years and has been instrumental in SNN’s practice of keeping up with evolving construction techniques.

The building material Testing laboratories were introduced and have been set up at the Etternia and Clermont project sites with plans to duplicate the same across all upcoming projects over a period of time. The onsite laboratories facilitate testing of materials by our team of engineers and experts who ensure compliance to our quality control standards.


While our team of highly professional engineers have extensive experience and understanding of material testing, construction materials to be used and construction best practices, our laboratories have also been equipped with the latest and most sophisticated building material testing equipment. Testing of material is routinely undertaken to ensure that the quality remains consistent and as per prescribed standards at every stage of construction.

The laboratories have been made accessible to prospective owners who may wish to visit the facility and be reassured of our commitment towards quality construction before a purchase decision is made.

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